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Many of the customers we work with provide either a sales or support service over the telephone. While it is important to have an efficient communications system that is easy to use and routes the calls to the right people, it is vital to have some way of monitoring and measuring the performance of those systems and teams. We have scalable solutions suitable for any type of business from sales departments to help desks

Comprehensive statistics to help you measure call volumes and monitor team performance.

Our monitoring software logs every call in and out of your system to help you answer vital questions, you may need to know how many calls you missed today or are your team making the most of the time available.

We offer complete management systems which gather the data you need either historically or in real time. It can provide you with in depth reports on virtually any item, from physical devices to staff availability. While as a customer you benefit from our full support, the software is intuitive for the supervisor, allowing you to create and schedule your own reports and real time views.

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Reports delivered to you, when and where you need them.

Reports can be configured to give you exactly the information you need. Call volumes, team performance or missed calls to name just a few of the hundreds available.

These can then be delivered to you automatically, usually by email in the format of your choice. Flexible schedules allow you to set up when the information is generated and sent. Ideal for a director or supervisor who is regularly outside the office.


Call recording to help train staff and resolve customer disputes quickly and easily.

Call recording is being used increasingly for its value in effective training of call handlers or resolving commercial disputes. In some industries it is a legal requirement. We provide passive or ad-hoc call recording solutions fully integrated with our systems.

Recorded calls can be easily located using a daily call log or a custom search window within the statistics software by team members with the appropriate permissions. They can also be exported when required for playback outside of our application.

Our recording systems are fully encrypted and audited for compliance.

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Stop/ Start Recording feature for financial information or sensitive conversations.

Optionally, your team can pause and restart the conversation recording either at the press of a button or automatically when accessing a payment gateway or specific website. This is useful when taking financial or other sensitive personal information.


Advanced features for dedicated call centres.

For dedicated call centres we have enhanced reporting and call control capabilities to raise service standards and maximise agent productivity.

Increased reporting options help you identify if key SLA's have been met, call completion codes help you group conversations in to types (such as Successful Sale or Resolved Issue for example) so you can measure the performance of your agents. Calls can be routed through your team based on skill level, agents can log in and out of call queues and supervisors are able to move agents between groups all within one software package.

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"if you think any of the products above would help your team work better please get in touch, we would be happy to arrange a demonstration and discuss your requirement, no obligation, no hard sell - that isn't our style. Just honest, impartial advice based on our wealth of experience in the industry."

Gareth Worrall (Operations Director)

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