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We have 10 years experience providing telephone systems for a wide range of customers, from small family businesses up to UK PLC's. We work with a wide range of solutions from different manufacturers either deployed on premise or in the cloud. We guarantee a reliable, easy to use and cost effective solution that helps your team to work smarter.


Systems that are easy to use and help your staff collaborate better.

Either in the office or on the move, communications are vital to any business, and our systems include all of the tools you need, from basic telephony through to video support and powerful features such as desktop sharing, presence and call centre.

We aim to change the way you work with solutions that help you, make quicker and better informed decisions, respond more quickly and efficiently to customer requests and improve satisfaction.

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Systems that increase flexibility, reliability but reduce your costs.

The increasing availability of fast internet and the advent of VoIP technology creates the opportunity for customers to converge their voice and data services down a single connection. Customers are also able to take advantage of the reduced ongoing service and call costs. Our VoIP customers enjoy the benefit of free national and mobile calls for example.

This reduces costs and management expenses and offers more flexibility, however technical implementation is vital. We pride ourselves on being a reliable and technically capable service provider, able to provide and support the Data Connectivity, VoIP Services & Systems required as an end to end solution.


Systems that let you concentrate on what you are good at.

Our solutions save time by automating day to day tasks, such as information gathering and updating customer records. More efficient and accessible communications save time by offering conferencing on the go and desktop sharing, avoiding travel time and the need to meet in person.

We offer systems that are fully managed, allowing you and your team to get on with day to day business. We offer a complete support service, all issues and configuration changes are handled remotely by our team of technicians, allowing your team to focus on what they are good at.

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Systems that sync with your applications.

Integration can offer significant time savings, speeding up your teams workflow and enhancing personal performance. Our software brings call control to the desktop for a more intuitive experience. Click to dial from virtually any Windows application, transfer calls, set up call forwards or view the presence state of your co-workers.

We also integrate with CRM applications to help develop and improve customer relationships. Screen pop or create new records based on Caller ID in off the shelf applications such as ACT!, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage & Salesforce. We also offer an in-house scripting service for bespoke applications.


Systems that work to your schedule.

We offer systems that integrate with Microsoft Outlook & Exchange server to deliver true presence to your team. At the click of a button you can view a co-workers status. In a meeting, on the phone or on annual leave for example, it will even tell you when they are due to return. The system also routes your calls based on your calendar, it could be voicemail when you are in a meeting, to a mobile when outside the office or to a co-worker when you are on annual leave.

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Systems that are secure and monitored to protect you from attacks.

Toll fraud attacks are becoming increasingly common, the estimated cost of phone fraud in the UK last year was estimated at 1.2bn. This is a threat that a lot of businesses do not fully understand, even fewer have measures in place to remove the threat.

Call charges can run in to the thousands and the owner of the exploited system is left to cover the cost. Our systems are configured to combat toll fraud and we also offer software which monitors them 24/7 for suspicious activity from either inside or outside your network.

As technology advances so do the threats, where secure communications are critical we also able to deploy a fully encrypted VoIP service end to end.


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