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We are a service orientated company with a proven track record and a range of solutions ideally suited to healthcare. We have worked with independent care providers and national chains to deliver innovate solutions that improve efficiency and patient care.

Reliable, responsive and technically capable, we are a service provider with a wealth experience in the industry. We can provide the services below, either individually or fully integrated as a single solution from a single provider.

- Integrated Nurse Call Systems with Instant Speech

- Wanderer Detection and Access Control

- Reporting on Incident Type and Response Times

- Bedside Telephony & Internet Access

- IP TV and Streaming

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Guaranteed Patient and Nurse Communications

Whenever there's a resident or patient needing assistance, your staff need to be alerted as soon as possible where ever they are. It is crucial that the complete communication chain between your patients or residents and the your staff is reliable and instant.

We offer the unique combination of Nurse Call and Voice, as soon as the patient raises the alarm your staff are able to communicate with them instantly to find out how to respond. Our systems are able to cover your entire premises, ensuring an incident is never missed.

Make Sure your Customers are Satisfied

Any customer in healthcare, whether it's a resident in a care home or a patient in a hospital, wants to stay in a nice environment with the least disturbances and the best comfort. Most of all, they need to get attention from the nurse staff.

Any improvement of staff performance will increase the attention for customers. Satisfied customers provide the best image any healthcare facility. Our systems speed up response times and give your staff the information they need to respond appropriatley.

Benefit from Technology. Keep the Costs Under Control

Improving efficiency often requires investment in new technology. We recognise every implementation of new technology, in new or existing buildings, requires investment in infrastructure such as cabling and can be disruptive to the residents and staff.

Our systems remove these barriers by being designed to work with your existing cabling, meaning installation is not disruptive and costs are minimal.They are also easy to use meaning there is little staff training or adjustment required.

Use Staff Time More Effectively

Hidden costs are the true enemy of any healthcare facility. Nurse staff losing time at non-care tasks, no adequate personnel available at the required moment. Our systems help your staff respond to incidents in the most time efficient way possible while delivering a higher standard of care.

They also allow you to monitor the number of incidents and their response times which is useful for maintaining and improving levels of service, and making more informed decisions about staffing.

Our Solution...

Introducing iCall, a unique combination of Nurse Call and Voice. iCall offers all of the features you would expect from a NurseCall system but also offers many new innovations. In particular instant voice. When an incident takes place the nurse is able to speak with the patient or resident instantly to find our more information, this allows them to prioritise incidents and respond pro-actively. This improves efficiency without compromising on care.

- Integrated Nurse Call System with Instant Speech

- Can be Used to Extend or Integrate with Existing Nurse Call Systems

- Easy Installation, Compatible with Existing Cabling

- Full Logging Including Nurse Staff ID

iCall is offered by us as a single solution from a single provider, from infrastructure, installation and training through to service and ongoing support.

Please contact us to find out more about more about iCall or to arrange a demonstration.

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"After considerable experience integrating telephone systems with third party Nurse Call units I was surprised at how little functionality this delivered. However I could see there was a huge potential in bringing voice and nurse call together. It was also a frustrating and at times confusing process for ourselves and the customer with various systems and third parties involved. From the moment I saw the iCall system I knew this would be a good fit for us and would deliver the improvements in patient care and efficiency where the third party systems had failed to do so. "

Gareth Worrall (Operations Director)

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